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  • About Us

    Liaoning Liaohe Drilling Engineering Co.,Ltd (LHDC) was established in 1998, officially registered in May 2011, which is a large drilling enterprise that providing professional technical service engineering for many oil fields globally. LHDC has the registered capital of CNY 120,000,000.00 Yuan, total area of 100,000 m2, building area of 30,00...

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    General Manager Speech

    Liaoning Liaohe Drilling Engineering Co., LTD., which is gradually developing and expanding, will vigorously implement resource expansion, market development, talent development, technology innovation and management innovation in the face of new historical development opportunities...

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    Main Business

    Well Drilling

    Well Drilling Engineering

    Workover Engineering

    Well Cementation Engineering

    Overhaul Side Tracking

    Well Logging

    Well Logging Engineering

    Mud Logging Engineering

    Downhole Operation

    Formation Testing

    Technical Services

    Geophysical Prospecting Technology

    PS Sand Control Technology

    Drilling Fluid Technology

    +Liaoning Liaohe Drilling Engineering Co.,Ltd.

    +Address: Haicheng City Of Liaoning Province

    +Tel: 86-0412-3674877

    +Email: lnlhdc@163.com

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